[NEWS] KARA To Model For Art Posters Painted By Realist Artists

16 Aug

Painters Won Jong Shin and Park Ki Ill have launched a project to produce ‘art posters’ using the Kara members as models.

The project is in its last stages, and will be revealed to the public through an exhibition sometime in December. The pieces will be released in a limited collection, and will be sold to art lovers as well as Kara fans.

Won Jong Shin, a realist painter, will be painting Kara with a mixed media method that uses both photographs and painting techniques. Park Ki Ill will use his own unique realist methods to portray the Kara members as model dolls.

It is unprecedented to have prominent painters produce art poster content using an idol group as a model, and the event proves that Kara is loved across all forms of art.

The project was put together to spread the notion that art is not hard or too formal, but that it’s another type of culture that can be easily enjoyed.

Artists will naturally come together with pop cultural content, and the public will be able to help with the development of Korean art by collecting art pieces that portray their favorite stars as models.

About the project, the Kara members said, “We’re curious on how Kara will be reborn in the hands of such famous artists. It will be fun.”

Specific introductions for the pieces and purchase opportunities will be made available sometime in October through the TV12 gallery webpage, and the pieces will be displayed in an exhibition at the TV12 gallery in December.

Photo credit: DSP Media
News Extracted From: ENewsWorld


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