Kara’s Kang Jiyoung, “Don’t ask me about my weight!”

7 May

Kara member Kang Jiyoung, affectionately known by her fans as ‘giant baby’, recently gained attention for her hilarious banter regarding her weight.

On the May 5th broadcast of KBS2TV‘s ‘Invincible Youth 2‘, the members gathered to play a game to see who was the quickest at eating crackers that were strung up on a pole. The catch was that each member who lost would be subject to standing on a weight scale.

Before the game began, comedian Boom brought up the topic of Kang Jiyoung’s weight by teasing, “We researched the G6 members’ weight on portal sites but we noticed that Kang Jiyoung’s weight didn’t show up!”

To this, Kang Jiyoung replied, “I weighted 101 lbs when I was skinniest. It’s not like that now.” When MC Kim Shin Young continued the investigation about her current weight by asking, “Are you over 110 lbs?” Jiyoung jokingly fired up and said, “Why would you ask me something like that?“, causing the set to burst into laughter.

Unfortunately, the day was far from over as Kang Jiyoung ultimately lost the game and had to dance on the weight scale as punishment. When Boom observed, “It looks like your weight won’t fall in the 90-110lbs range“, Jiyoung tried her best to side step the teases and ultimately ran away after unplugging the chord from the scale.

As all the members kept trying to get her back on the scale, Jiyoung finally gave in and jumped on the scale with all her might. The scale ultimately indicated a weight over 175lbs, drawing the hilarious incident to an end with a great laugh.

cr: allkpop


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