KARA’s K5J Showcase in Singapore

14 Apr

MediaCorp VizPro has just announced that KARA, is slated to be in Singapore on the 10 July 2012 for K5J Showcase! At the same time kamilla is able to Win a chance to meet KARA in person by lucky draw.

(1) How do I get a chance to meet KARA?
Every K5J perfume you purchase comes packaged with a gift card. Each gift card is printed with a unique serial number. You can use this unique serial number once, to register one name for the lucky draw. Registration is at http://www.3cy.com.

(2) How many people will be selected in the lucky draw to meet KARA?
At least 50 lucky winners will get a chance to meet KARA at K5J showcase concerts at locations such as Japan, Singapore and Macau. Winners will receive exclusive tickets for the events for free. Airfare and accommodation will not be sponsored.

(3) Will the winners be given special access to KARA?
Out of the 50 lucky winners, 5 will receive the Grand Prize where they will get to meet with KARA one-on-one and receive a special gift from the girls.

(4) Can I register my name for the lucky draw more than once?
Yes, each K5J gift card entitles you to register for one chance, and you can register the same name more than once. If a unique serial number is used for more than one registration, we will only take the first registration and void the rest. To claim prizes, all winners have to present their original gift card for verification

So stay tune to Kara SG for more updates! and for More information about K5J can be found here at http://www.kara5jewel.com/

source: kara5jewel


One Response to “KARA’s K5J Showcase in Singapore”

  1. celest April 16, 2012 at 10:00 pm #

    so does it mean even if i buy the perfume im not guaranteed a ticket for the showcase in sg? @@

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