KARA’s Jiyoung attends press conference for her upcoming Japanese drama

5 Apr

KARA‘s Kang Jiyoung, who turned 18 this year, recently attended the press conference for her upcoming Japanese drama and answered a few questions.

As reported earlier, Jiyoung and Supernova‘s Gun Il will be playing lead roles in TokyoTV‘s new drama, ‘Rainbow Rose‘.

The drama will begin airing April 13th, but Kang Jiyoung was at the center of attention at the press conference held on the 3rd as she answered questions about taking on some more mature scenes in the new series; acting intoxicated by alcohol and performing a ‘cheek kiss’.

According to the reports made by Sankei Sports, Nikkan Sports, Sports Hochi and more, the drama’s director remarked,Kang Jiyoung showed a lot of ambition for the drama, even suggesting a cheek kiss that wasn’t in the script.”

In regards to her intoxicated scene, Jiyoung stated, “Our team’s Gyuri unni gave me a lot of advice,” which further piqued interest.

The drama is a joint Korean-Japanese romantic-comedy production, and tells the love story which unfolds between Jiyoung, the daughter of a boarding house owner, and Gun Il, who plays the role of a Japanese international student.

Cr: allkpop


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