KARA’s Nicole To Start Her Baking Line “Kuki Six” With Mango Six

28 Jun

KARA’s Nicole recently linked hands with dessert cafe, “Mango Six”, to collaborate for an enterprise with the cafe’s new product line, “KUKI SIX”.

Nicole’s “KUKI SIX” boasts a new line-up of six bakery goods, including the ‘Choco Cookie’, ‘Chocolate Chip Cookie’, ‘Coconut Cookie’, ‘Earl Grey White Choco Muffin’, ‘Orange Cream Cheese Muffin’, and the ‘Choco Brownie’.

It was reported that Nicole was directly involved with the planning and development of the recipes, as well as marketing and promotional methods for her upcoming bakery line.

As such, Nicole became the first celebrity to engage in the food service industry by providing input into a particular recipe.

Director Kang Hoon of Mango Six stated, “Using books and the internet, Nicole researched at least 100 cookie recipes. Through this, Nicole was able to carefully select a menu that suited well with Mango Six’s concept and unique taste.” It was revealed that Director Kang is actually a close friend of Nicole’s, and personally made the business proposition to the idol.

Director Kang added, “Nicole has always been interested in cookies and bakeries in general, and had always either shared baked goods with her friends or uploaded pictures onto her Twitter. At first I thought she was just at a hobbyest level, but her knowledge in cookies is actually quite profound and many find her food to be delicious, which is why I thought she had some potential in the bakery business.”

Nicole unveiled her own thoughts about creating a bakery line under her name, “I always used to make cookies just in my leisure time, but people around me always said how delicious they were and asked me to make more for them. I used to make various bakery goods during days I didn’t have a schedule, and this has now turned into an opportunity for me to continue developing my baking skills.”

Nicole will be participating in her first promotional event for her new line on July 5th, where she will be directly involved in hand-making these cookies at the Mango Six cafe in Apgujeong for customer sampling.

“KUKI SIX” is set for nationwide sale come July 5th, followed by overseas advancements into various Asian countries next year including Japan and China.






Credits : Allkpop


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