[News] 101117 Why did KARA have to change in the car?

17 Nov

Kara’s Park Gyuri and Kang Jiyoung were guests on the Strong Heart episode that was broadcasted on the 16th. Gyuri talked about one of the events they had to perform for. They had been preparing busily for the stage, but then realized that their clothes haven’t arrived even though they had 10 minutes until the stage started.

Gyuri said that they had everything done except the clothes, so she suggested that they wait in the car without any clothes on to save time as much as possible. The other members were shocked by what she suggested, and Gyuri laughed it off, saying, “I’ve never seen them look at me like that before.”

Jiyoung recalled that they followed what Gyuri suggested, but only Gyuri kept her straight posture. All the other members were embarrassed and had been covering themselves up. Gyuri said, “I think it was because they were young and unsure of their bodies. I’m confident about myself,” proving herself to be a goddess once again.

Source: Herald Biz
Credit: Koreaboo

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On this week’s episode of SBS’s ‘Strong Heart‘, KARA’s Park Gyuri shared a story about having to change clothes in their car.

“We were at a local concert and our outfits hadn’t arrived yet. When they did arrive, the members had to resort to changing in the car”, said Gyuri.

She continued, “We had no choice, since we had to get on stage immediately. The members realized the situation and each of us slowly started taking off our clothes.”

“We didn’t know how to hide our bodies so our hands kept moving back and forth from our top to our bottoms. Even in this embarrassing situation, Gyuri unnie still maintained a straight, goddess-like posture while getting changed”, added Jiyoung.

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Hilariously, as the members were sharing the story, Tony An’s face and ears went bright red with embarrassment. He retorted in his defence, “Sometimes my ears randomly turn red like this.”

Yoon Jong Shin added, “Everyone’s faces look vacant, it looks like they’re thinking of something…”, causing singer Huh Gak’s ears to turn bright red with embarrassment as well.

Source: Newsen
Credit: Allkpop


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