KARA, SNSD & Big Bang Are The Most Popular Korean Singers In Japan

15 Nov

Korean newspaper Hankyung reported that Girls’ Generation SNSD is currently the most popular Korean pop artist in Japan. The newspaper used NTT Tokyomo’s survey and reported, “Japanese people are most interested in Girls’ Generation. Just like their name, they have made it their generation.”

NTT Tokyomo held a survey from that asked, “Which K-pop idol are you the most interested in?” 9926 people participated in the survey.

SNSD won first with 3393 votes. With overwhelming popularity, SNSD garnered 22,000 fans at their first Japanese live concert. They even had to extend their concert that was originally scheduled for one stop and add 2 additional shows.

KARA was in 2nd place with 3192 votes. Their looks and hit single “Mister” butt dance was the main reason why they gained popularity. Their dance and outfits are being copied by many fans and even by other Japanese celebrities and artists.

In 3rd place was Big Bang, and 4th was Supernova. FT Island, SS501, Super Junior, 4Minute and SHINee were also ranked in this survey.

Which artists would you rank as your top favorites?

Source: HankyungKoreaboo


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