[Info] 101103 KARA’s overall ranking in Music Bank Kchart Total Points ranked #4 (since 2008)

3 Nov

This is something that was shared by silis (very trusted source for international sones)in snsd soompi

It comes with a very long article:


Here’s how Music Bank points work. It’s bit complicated. You don’t have to know this, it’s only for those interested. If numbers give you a headache skip this and just look at a nice graph at the end 

The 4 categories considered by Music Bank

Digital points (60%) – This is based on digital music sales from Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Dosirak and Soribada. Then mobiles sales are also added. Majority of mobile sales are from Nate ringtones sales.

Album points (10%) – This is based on sales numbers from Hanteo plus sales numbers submitted by offline music chain stores Hottracks and Synnara.

Broadcast count (20%) – the number of times the song was played on radio and TV. The points from this category is not as reliable as before, mainly because Mubank now considers broadcasts from only KBS and disregards SBS and MBC.

Viewer preference (10%) – This is voted by viewers. Viewers can register with the KBS research site to participate(Korean id needed). Then every week Mubank will select a sample from the registered members and allow them to vote. Viewers of all age/sex are evenly selected.

The detail of Music Bank ranking points is like this: First Music Bank starts with total kchart points of 200,000.
The digital sales category gets 120,000 kchart points (60%).
The album category gets 20,000 kchart points (10%).
The broadcast counts category gets 40,000 kchart points (20%)
The viewer pref category gets 20,000 kchart points (10%)

Now let’s look at how these kchart points are distributed to each song in each category. The process is very simple actually. For the digital sales category in order to simplify things only the top 100 selling songs are considered by Music Bank. Then the digital sales of all these 100 songs are examined, for example
song1 : 230,000 total digital sales this week
song2: 210,000
song3: 195,000
song4: 174,000

song99: 5,500
song100: 5,000
total digital sales 7,320,000 (total of all 100 songs above) (*of course all numbers here I just made up to illustrate, and some things are simplified for the purpose of this explanation


How many kchart points does song1 get now?
Out of 7,320,000 total digital sales, song1 has sales of 230,000.
That is 3.142%
So song1 gets 3.142% of the 120,000 kchart pointed allotted to the digital sales category.
Thus song1’s kchart point for digital category is 3770 points.
And so on for other songs

And it works the same for other categories of album, broacast count, and viewer pref.

Now what is wrong with this Music Bank Kchart formula? The problem is that the way the points are distributed can allow one single album sales to dominate the kchart points. For example,

album1: 50,000 copies sold this week
album2: 3,000 copies
album3: 2,500

album100: 50 copies
Total album sales :80,000 copies this week
album1 alone sold 62.5% of the week’s total
album1’s kchart point will be 12,500 points out of 20,000 kchart points alloted for this category.

So unlike other categories, album sales can have these giant selling albums that can result in huge kchart points. See how tricky this formula is, the “10%” for album category makes it look like albums are worth only up to 10% but in fact that’s not the case as seen here. With kchart point like that 12,500 it is easy to win Music Bank even if the song is not popular at all and ranks very low on digital charts. We can obviously see there’s going to be controversy about this. Music Bank tried to fix this problem by adjusting the album category percentage from 15% to 10% but the problem is still there because the problem is still with the point distributing formula itself. Mathematically there are many ways to make a better formula for this case but well, we don’t need to get into that here

But the point is, KARA is ranked #4 in total points – this is since 2008. It’s surprising that it took them long to get the MuBank wins. I guess, their timing is always not the best. But their songs are very popular (PG, Honey, Mister, Lupin) and rank for a long period (ex. Mister didn’t win any but it ranked for how many weeks in MuBank charts). I’m actually happy when I saw this – just means that KARA only needs the perfect timing to shine more. But they are #1 to us so haha

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Credits : silis7noy2 @ snsdsoompi


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