[Exclusive Interview] 101030 Advance 3 months in Japan Kara “5 members’ Energy was impressive.”

30 Oct

Even on street in Shibuya fans shouting “I Like you guys” or “I wanna look like you guys” Oricon Greed? That’s the attitude!.. Japanese fans enthusiastically said “Hope you get in Kohaku.. Really want to see you(Kara) to perform on Japan’s Best traditional stage”(*Some of Japanese Fans Testimonies*)

Exclusive Interview was conducted on 23 October evening at Seoul Jamsil stadium while waiting(at waiting room) to perform for 2010 Asia Song Festival.

The concern about whether or not they will have success for their debut in Japan last July suddenly turned into confidence. This is due to the fact that they successfully entered the Oricon chart top 5 which makes them crowned as first foreign girl group to be in top 5. Members suddenly have the confidence and want to be able to perform at Kohaku uta Gassen.

Sports Seoul conducted an exclusive interview to resolve the curiosity about Kara’s success, excitement emotions and their Japan activities.

How do you feel about your popularity in Japan?
If we walk along the street in Shibuya, I began to realize that a flock of fans started to gather to see us. Because of tight schedule in Japan, we don’t even have spare time to watch TV. Very often when we happen to turn it on and we are on it, we realized that there are indeed many people like us and we feel excited about it. (SeungYeon)

Second Single <Jumping> is greatly anticipated.
Actually to do promotional activities in both Korea and Japan at the same time has become a burden, but we’re looking forward to it. This time a new song is to be released first in Japan then Korea. Nevertheless, the song will still be fresh and new in Korea. We are afraid but also curious about what kind of results that will come out in both Japan and Korea (Hara).

What do you(all members) think are the factors for your popularity in Japan ?
This is always what people are most curious about. We did ask Japan’s side (officials) about this and they said the energy is overwhelmed when 5 distinct characters are together as one. This kind of group is hard to find in Japan. Japanese fans don’t just “LIKE” us but we often heard they want to “LOOK ALIKE”. The fans are also very interested in our fashion styles. Or in other words, they want to be as close(similar) as us in all ways. (Gyuri)

How do you compare Korean Fans and Japanese Fans?
Japanese fans is considerably more on the active side (outgoing and direct). Because they can’t see us that often, they tend to be quite straight-forward. For example, when we have event they would come and wear the exact same clothes as our stage performance outfits. That may be Japanese fans culture but we’re quite surprised to see how skillful they are as the way they dressed is really like how we dressed on stage as if you can just perform on stage with that outfit. (Gyuri)

Big expectation to top oricon chart at #1?
We do not have in mind that we have to or must get #1. We are just as good as newcomer. We are still new and at learning stage. (Jiyoung)

Even so, it seems like you have set a goal for Japan activities.
We have mentioned that we want to be in year end kohaku uta Gassen (Year End Japan NHK special program which usually best stars appear/invited). It seems to have become a symbol wanting to secure a place in order to perform in Japan’s Traditional stage. We hope korean fans will cheer for us if we are able to stand and perform on that stage. (Gyuri)

Thanks Mae for article tip
Translated by aank1 @ KH
SourceHankooki news
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