[News] 101016 Young Japanese Girls Pick Their Favourite Group

16 Oct

According to Nikkan Sports Japan on the 15th a survey was conducted among young Japanese girls with an average age of 17.2, about 2,000 participated in this survey and they were ask which “Korean aspiring artists” do they prefer more.

In the survey, KARA ranked 1st, SNSD ranked 2nd and DBSK ranked 3rd.

According to Nikkan Sports, “KARA was the top choice because of their famous ‘Butt dance’ which was cute and also because majority of them would sing KARA’s song in the karaoke.”.

The survey was conducted among 10 year old Japanese girls above, with the kpop frenzy that is taking Japan by storm, most of the kpop fans in Japan are girls these age showing an accuracy in the survey.

KARA released their Korean Best album in Japan on the 29th of September and they sold over thousands of albums ranking them 2nd in the Oricon weekly charts. They have successfully debuted in Japan.

Source: Newsen
Translated: Blueprincess824 @ dkpopnews.net & omonatheydidt@lj


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