[News] 100922 KARA Remains Modest About Their Dreams In Japan

23 Sep

KARA, who was doing well on Oricon Chart and had just returned home, was invited by Sports Seoul for their special edition #8000 interview. This is the first interview after it was announced in Japan that KARA is the first Korean Girl Group to make such a remarkable result on Oricon Chart. Last Month (11 August), Kara made debut with single ‘Mister’, on the released day, it was ranked at #5 on Oricon Chart which surprised the Japan music world. Even after one week, KARA maintained at #5 on Oricon Weekly Chart. Excluding Japan, KARA is Asia’s First Girl Group to be on top 10 for their first week of album release on Oricon Weekly Chart. Interview was conducted at DSP entertainment new office which KARA said it‘s cozy. “It’s like a dream”, said KARA about their success in Japan. During this interview, they were asked about their testimonies about Japan debut and Oricon chart record as well as their future plans. Han Seungyeon was absent for this interview due to her spinal cord injury.

Since Debut in Oricon Chart, you are breaking records, how do you feel about it?

We can’t even imagine what’s happening. Does not even feel real. Instead of talking about the record, we realized that we have “Good Response,” a sense of responsibility to become bigger now, as it is responsibility for Hallyu. We put more efforts in studying Japanese because we would like the Japanese to know ‘There is this kind of girl group in Korea’.

When did you plan to advance to Japan? And What is the reason for making decision to advance in Japan?

Since earlier this year we have been making plans but even before that we have had a lot of interest already, to some extent, if there are chances, we really wanted to go even once. We went to a Morning Musume (Japanese group name) concert in 2008, we felt that their performance was great and really attractive. At that moment, we had this thought it’ll be great if we also have the opportunity to perform in other countries as representative of Korean Girl Group, being acknowledged and inspire the people there.

What’s the secret for KARA’s popularity in Japan? What’s media and fans reaction?

Japan idol Girl Groups are cute and shows all kinds of lovely image. But we debut with ‘Mister’ which filled with lots of energy and we showed powerful performance. Japanese fans, “Girl Groups can also be this charming as well”. However, we also showed our cuteness while we performed on programs that were televised. Media reports referred us as “Surprising Girls”. We didn’t expect Korean Girl Group would receive such a great response in Japan.

KARA is particularly appealing to female fans in their 10s and 20s.

We feel like they see us as their “Wannabe Model”. Many love to use the same/similar things we use like our fashion/costumes. We also heard a lot of people saying we are “Cute”.

The guerrilla concert in Shibuya, Tokyo which was originally planned for 30 minutes in front of uninformed over 3000 people but it was suspended after just 3 minutes because of the crowd. Didn’t you feel it is such a pity?

We didn’t realize it but 3 minutes was indeed really short. It was real pity. We only sang a song and it ended. It was actually our opportunity to interact directly with our Japanese fans. A lot of fans gathered and were really surprised as this was unplanned. We were so impressed because it seems like many were amused by our song.

Did you get to meet KARA’s passionate fan even before your debut, Japanese Comedian Gekidan Hitori?

Yeah, We did meet him directly and he looked handsome.. haha. We also gave him signed CD as present. We were so surprised the fact that other country’s artist is also one of our fans who always support us.

SNSD, 4-minutes, Brown eyed girls, are other Korean girl group advancing to Japan as well. It seems like you will be competing in both Korea and Japan now.

We’re glad that we are able to promote/do activities together and it seems like we can achieve a synergy effect, which we wouldn’t be able to if we are doing the activities alone by just ourselves. If we work hard together we will achieve ‘Win Win effect’ in which can pay off our efforts. Mainly because we can stimulate each other.

What’s the difference between Korea and Japan’s Pop music?

Korea usually broadcasts live music program while in Japan the performances are prerecorded. And in terms of style, Japan shows a rather cute image, their costumes and style feels like animation.

What’s your main goal going to Japan?

We (as Girl Group) would like to lead Hallyu (Korean Wave) in Japan. To tell you more specifically, we would like to take part in NHK Red & White songs festival. We also want to be #1 on Oricon Chart as well as holding our own concert in the name of KARA.

Due to Japan’s activities, Korean fans are concerned about activities in Korea.

The reason why we did not get housing (dorm) in Japan is because we want to do activities side by side in both Korea and Japan. Not only to focus on one place but we want to do activities in both places together. There are also some Korean fans that expressed regret because they couldn’t see us that much. As we (KARA) are in the development/expansion phase now so please love and cheer us a lot.

Can you please say some words for our #8000 special edition?
(Jiyoung) Congratulation on the 8000 edition, I can’t even imagine it has already reach as much as 8000. In 50 years or even 100 years, please keep bringing us good news.
(Hara) Hope that Sports Seoul to keep growing. And also keep a constant interest in KARA.. Hoho..
(Gyuri) 8000 is way larger than my age. It is because Sports Seoul has many loyal readers and received great loves from readers. We (KARA) would also love to be long-run like Sports Seoul.
(Nicole) Happy 25th Anniversary. Be Healthy. Please interview us again on 10000 edition.

Translated by aank1 @ karaholic.com
Source: Sports Seoul


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