KARA’s Goo Hara Fails Her Exam

18 Sep

Kara’s Goo Hara has failed the examination for agricultural machinery license.

On the recent episode of KBS 2TV Invincible Youth, she tried to be the first celebrity to receive a license for driving agricultural machines. She worked hard by studying the machine books between schedules, even during her CF shooting in Thailand.

She passed the driving section of the exam with flying colors, catching the attention of onlookers.

To prepare for the writing section, she practiced a mock exam with Kim ShinYoung. In order to pass the exam, a person should score 36 answers out of 60 questions. Even though Goo Hara gave her all answering the questions, she only managed to get 29 points for the mock exam.

On the day of exam, Goo Hara showed confidence while entering the testing area. During the writing exam, she looked a bit nervous and confused and unfortunately, she did not manage to pass it.

Since G7 members have promised the Korean citizens to pass the agricultural machine driving examination, Goo Hara apologized by her failure by stating, “I did my best, but was not able to keep my promise. But I will become a Goo Hara that works hard. I’m sorry.”

All the best for you, Goo Hara!

SourcePark Ju Young @newsen.com
Translationch0sshi @kpoplive.com
Written byrose1363@kpoplive.com



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