KARA’s Guest Appearance On Shabekuri007

1 Sep

Last week we reported that Korean girl group KARA would make an appearance on Shabekuri007 and they appeared on the show on August 30th.

At the beginning of the show, the members of KARA were introduced as “The girls with the cutest hips in the world” and appeared in front of the audience. The members of KARA were all speaking decent Japanese which surprised the comedian hosts and audience. When the hosts questioned KARA, “what is Hip Dance?” they answered, “Instead of answering that question, why don’t you just watch and see” and performed their famous “Hip Dance” with their latest released single “Mister.”

The dance battle with KARA vs Japanese comedian began shortly after KARA finished performing their “Hip Dance,” comedian Teppei Arita from Cream Stew joked, “If it’s a dance in that level, anyone can do it. Right? (to all the other hosts) Don’t you know Japan’s level in dance moves is pretty high too? Why don’t you girls just go in the front and watch!” After the hosts completed their version of the “Hip Dance” they asked KARA on how they did, and KARA commented by laughing and stating, “We’re gonna get mad!”

During the talk portion, Shinya Ueda questioned KARA how many times they’ve visited Japan, and how long they’ve been learning Japanese. KARA answered, “This will be our third time visiting, and we studied for about one or two months.” Everyone was surprised because KARA excelled in speaking Japanese for learning in such a short period of time.

Throughout the show, members of KARA made the hosts and the audience laugh with their funny vocabulary they sometime use and with their cute personalities.

Credits : Allkpop


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