100812 [News] KARA Live Street Performance ended adruptly in 3 minutes

20 Aug

Popular Korean girl group KARA’s debut commemoration live street performance was held in front of Tokyo – Shibuya’s 109 department store on August 11. About 3000 onlookers bombarded the place; this is affirmed to be dangerous, causing the performance to end after 3 minutes.

Although there was no prior notice, when the five members appeared, people flooded the roads. Shibuya district sent out police officers to the scene, causing a commotion.

When the five members, Gyuri (22), Seung Yeon (22), Hara (19), Nicole (18) and Jiyoung (16) appeared, the crowd surged towards the direction of the stage, and police officers have to support the wave of people with safety barriers. Initially, the event was scheduled for not only a live performance but a talk as well, and this would last for 30 minutes. On that day however, after singing one song – their newly released song, “Mister”, the host decided to cut the performance short.

About their popularity, Jiyoung commented “It was surprising to have so many people coming to our performance”. Seungyeon says, “Althought it’s only for a short time, we did our very best.” On 14 August the group will hold a hand-shaking even at Tokyo – Studio coast.

Source: Yahoo Japan
Translated by: melpOmeNe! @ Karaholic.com
Take out with full credits when re-distributing! Do not alter the credit lines!


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