[News] 100719 KARA, Enclosed Meet-n-Greet Participation Ticket in Their Japan Debut Single “Mister”

19 Jul

KARA, Enclosed Meet-n-Greet Participation Ticket in Their Japan Debut Single “Mister”
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Written: July 15th 2010 09:47
Updated: July 15th 2010 09:49

– “Mister” CD-A jacket picture

Having held their first Fan Meeting at Tokyo Akasaka BLITZ in February, and did an official step forward to Japan in May, The Korean 5-girl-group KARA.
The details about the girls’ Japanese Debut Single “Mister” release on August 11th has been announced.

“Mister” is a song incuded in the album “Revolution” which was sold at Korea on summer of the last year; the Japanese version of the same title has been a topic because it’s a catchy song in which the girls do the butt-dance <hip dance>.
The song which has been a hit in 2009-the year of K-POP, is about to evoke our curiousity whether it will also cause a great commotion in Japan. The coupling song will be “Umbrella”.

In this product, “Mister” PV, the making of, and the dance shot pictures are all compiled in the DVD included in the First Disk A, while a gorgeous photobook is included in the First Disk B, and a bonus track “Mister” Korean version is included in the First Disk C, making up 3 methods of sale.
A ticket to the Meet-n-Greet exhibition in August 14 at Tokyo Shinkiba STUDIO COAST is enclosed in either edition.
The details of this event is available at KARA Label Official Webite, so please check them out immediately!

source: http://tower.jp/article/news/67544

■Debut Single 「ミスター」 2010年8月11日リリース決定!

The Super Girls Group 《KARA》 with their great popularity in the K-POP world to be proud of.
Their popularity has been spread in their home country over the internet since last year, and already is a hot topic in Japan.
In the time before the debut, in February and May, they made a visit to Japan by holding an event performace; in the event the girls were swallowed in the crowd of thousand of fan who rushed in to the venue to see them.
This year seems to be the beginning of the booming of Korean female artist esp. K-POP girls group,
among them is KARA, acting as the vanguard and and bringing up great sensations!

* Debut Single
* 「ミスター」
* 2010.08.11 RELEASE
* (First Disk A) A Special DVD includes UMCK-9371 ¥1,980(tax in)

* Debut Single
* 「ミスター」
* 2010.08.11 RELEASE
* (First Disk B) A Gorgeous Photobook includes UMCK-9372 ¥1,600(tax in)

* Debut Single
* 「ミスター」
* 2010.08.11 RELEASE
* (First Disk C) A Bonus Track includes UMCK-9373 ¥1,200(tax in)
* When out of stock, this product will be replaced with the regular edition (without the bonus track).


■Debut Single “Mister” Meet-n-Greet (lit. handshake with the purchaser) event has been decided!

Date & Time: August 14th 2010 (Sat.) 13:00~START
Place: Tokyo-Shinkiba Studio Coast

※The entrance ticket is enclosed in the all (First Disk A,B,C) edition.
※One ticket can be used only for one handshake.
※The entrance into the venue is not determined by order of arrival. On the appointed day, exchange your ticket with the numbered entrance ticket which will be picked randomly by the staff within the time/place below, so you may enter in order.
・ Reception Time: Morning 8:00 until Noon 12:00
・ Reception Place: Shinkiba STUDIO COAST Entrance

※Any person who has multiple tickets (2 and more) can do the handshake as many times as the number of their ticket after entering the venue. (One person can only have one numbered entrance ticket)

※Please read the important notes on the “Meet-n-Greet Event” ticket which enclosed in the CD, and make sure to bring the ticket on the appointed day.

※On the appointed day, from the time of the opening of the reception (8:00) until the closing time (12:00), there will also be a sale of the CD inside the venue. However, because the CDs sold on the appointed day are limited, please consider this beforehand.

Any questions regarding this event: Universal Music Customer Service Center
TEL: 045-330-7213 (Mon to Fri 10:00-18:00 excluding holidays)
*There are a lot of mistakes regarding the phone calling. In order to dial the number correctly, please do it carefully.

source: http://www.universal-music.co.jp/kara/index2.html

Tips from anne
Translated by karamaru@Karaholic.com & karaholic
Take out with full credits when re-distributing.


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