[News] 100716 KARA, Debut Japanese Album Goes On Sale

16 Jul

Kara, Debut Japanese Album Goes on Sale After signing with large-scale label Universal Music Sigma in Japan, Kara will be releasing their first debut single “Mister.” Starting with this album release, Kara will launch full-scale promotions in Japan. Prior to this, Kara posted an intro video on Universal’s Kara homepage, as well as a 30-second teaser of the Japanese version of “Mister” through YouTube. “Mister,” which was Kara’s follow-up song to “Wanna” from their second full-length album, but it actually exceeded the popularity of “Wanna” due to the extremely popular “butt dance,” which received a lot of love in Korea. Because of the hot reaction, “Mister” was chosen as the title single to enter Japan’s market with, which they hope to lift Kara’s status as “Korean Wave” stars. In May, Kara shook hands with 8,000 Japanese fans and officially launched their fanclub there, which received an explosive response from Japanese fans. Meanwhile, Kara will depart for their Japan promotions at the end of this month. They’ll make appearances on Japanese local programs, and after their album release on the 11th, they’ll have a mini live concert and handshake event at Shinmokjang Studio in Japan.


Link: http://osen.mt.co.kr/news/view.html?gid=G1007160028

Link by: anne Translated by tinggg@karaholic.com & karaholic. Please take out with full credits when re-distributing. Do not alter the credit lines!


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